Process intensification

Focus is the development and optimization of design methods for process intensification. Both novel concepts and their application for process integration as well as process strengthening is demanded. Modeling tools for the design of hybrid separation processes in the field of process integration and for the development of micro-system parts in the field of process strengthening are being refined.

The development of components of micro-system technology is mainly focused on evaporation, condensation, rectification and liquid-liquid extraction. For crystallization and chromatography/adsorption initial ideas are present. CFD simulations and their results for the component design in CAD can be run and manufactured in CNC. These prototypes are characterized in the labs with respect to fluid dynamics and their separation performance.

Once a unit operation is efficient, the interaction with other unit operations can be investigated and optimized.

The use of micro effects in the field of Microsystems and smart-factory concepts for reinforcing the mass transfer is still a largely unchartered area. It has, however, great potential and is therefore a focal point at the Institute in terms of process strengthening.

Research projects:


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