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Phytoextracts and Plant Made Pharmaceuticals

Phytoextracts are pure substances or mixtures with a high added value, used primarily as drugs, flavors or agrochemicals. The design of manufacturing processes is usually done empirically at the present. Standard extracts are generated, with no procedural optimization method in terms of yield and purity. In addition, Plant Made Pharmaceuticals offer the opportunity of producing more complex molecules as a cheap renewable raw material in large quantities from plants.

Therefore, in this new research area efficient design methods for the development of separation processes for phytoextracts and Plant Made Pharmaceuticals are developed. The influencing variables  for efficient extraction of solids through the development of Mini-Plant Systems for model parameter determination and modeling of the phenomena and their implementation in apparative approaches are quantified and the solids extraction is integrated into the entire separation process.




Workgroup Phytoextracts - Products and processes

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